Why Private Rooms Are a Must
Why Private Rooms Are a Must

Why Private Rooms Are a Must

With comfort and intimacy often being two ways brides wish to remember their wedding day, the entire experience leading up to the “I do’s” should only add to the atmosphere. Sharing these moments with the people you love should be done with care and excitement throughout every step of the process, including wedding gown shopping.

La Reine can think of hundreds of reasons every bride should have a private room and audience when they try on gowns for the first or last time, but we’ll just name a few.

It allows you to be vulnerable
Getting married is an emotionally-driven decision, and buying a dress can be a rollercoaster that even the calmest person can anticipate. Expressing yourself during these exciting, scary, and memorable moments can be hard without the privacy with your closest friends and family you feel secure and safe.

It allows you to be comfortable
As a bridal shop who has worked with brides from every walk of life, not every woman is thrilled about the idea of dress shopping. For one reason or another, they might feel awkward or unsure of themselves, and it can be a difficult process to go through in front of an audience. Being surrounded by people who love and support you can ease these tensions and help a bride feel more confident about their gowns as they show them off.

It allows you quality time with people you love
The months leading up to your wedding move quickly, and before you know it, you’re starting a new chapter with the love of your life. Enjoying the time you have with your family before these significant changes give you the quality time you might not get otherwise. Even just a few hours together trying on dresses is a memory that lasts a lifetime.

At La Reine, we are focused on your experience with us. We want each bride to choose her dress in an environment that gives her the most confidence and truly appreciate the time and emotions with the people you love most. We accomplish this by requiring scheduled appointments and private rooms for each of our guests.