Top Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Dress Shopping
Top Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Dress Shopping

Top Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Dress Shopping

Our consultants have 67 years of combined experience in the bridal business, these are our best tips to help you find your dream dress without stress!

Let the Bridal Consultant Help

The bridal consultant is there for a reason. Their job is to help find you the perfect gown for your walk down the aisle without you having to trudge through endless dresses with no direction. At La Reine Bridal our consultants always start the appointment by sitting down with you and talking about what you’re looking for. Share with her any pictures you have and let her know what you have and haven’t liked about other dresses you’ve tried on. She will be able to take all of that information and direct you to the dresses you will love!

Chose the People You Bring Wisely

The last thing you want during your bridal appointment is a huge group of opinionated people. Bring a few people whose opinions are important to you and leave everyone else behind. Having too many people in the room can make what should be a fun experience extra stressful. Ultimately you’re choosing your wedding dress and the only person that has to love it is you!

Not sure how to tell all of your bridesmaids, in-laws, and everyone else who wants to be there that they can’t all come? Just let them know that you want your dress to be a surprise and only mention your dress shopping plans to the select few that you want to come.

Although you should limit your group it is just as important to make sure that the right people are there. You never know when you’re going to find your dream gown so make sure your mom, best friend, or anyone else you won’t be able to make the final decision without is there. That way you won’t have to scramble to FaceTime your mom for approval or wait to come back a different day.

Know What You Want to Spend

Before you walk into the bridal salon you should know how much you are willing to spend on your dress. Weddings are already very expensive so the last thing you want to do is blow your budget. Let the bridal consultant know what you want to spend and we will respect your budget and show you dresses within your price point.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Sometimes it can be intimidating to make such an important purchase. You are purchasing a once in a lifetime gown so you want it to be perfect. For some brides this means they find themselves in an endless search for the perfect dress. To avoid this stress it is best to limit yourself. Too many choices will drive you crazy. Be selective in what dresses you try on and don’t be afraid to buy at the first bridal salon you visit (hopefully it’s with us!J) Sometimes seeing more dresses can just confuse you and you won’t be able to remember which dress you liked the most.

When You Love it, Buy it!

If you find a dress that you love you should buy it as soon as you are sure about it. If you wait too long to order the gown you run the risk of the designer discontinuing the style or changing the price which will just cause more stress later on. You shouldn’t feel obligated to visit more shops and try different dresses just for the experience, this will just create confusion and extra stress which is the last thing you need as you prepare for your wedding. When you find the dress you love buy it and move on to the next step of your wedding planning.

Don’t be Afraid to Buy Off the Rack

If the gown that is in stock in the store is your size and in the color that you like there’s no reason why it can’t be the dress you wear on your wedding day. At La Reine Bridal our gowns are kept in pristine condition, they are kept in garment bags and are only taken out for a short time if a bride wants to try it on. Our bridal consultants ensure that no damage is done to the gown so there is no difference between the dress you try on when you come to our shop and the dress that you order that arrives months later. Buying off the rack can save you the stress of waiting for your dress to arrive and you already know that it’s perfect!