Professional Tips for Gown Shopping
Professional Tips for Gown Shopping

Professional Tips for Gown Shopping

The team at La Reine Bridal has helped so many lovely women find the wedding dress of their dreams for their big day in MA, and every experience is different. Over the years, we have learned many tricks and tips along the way for making the most of your shopping experience, and as a premier bridal shop in the Bristol area, here is our professional advice for starting your gown search:

Spend some time learning what you like and don’t like
You don’t have to go into your appointment knowing exactly what you want in your wedding dress because your thoughts might change after you try something on! It can be helpful, however, to go into your appointment knowing the styles you’re attracted to, what you believe will look best on your body type, and other items similar to narrow in on your perfect gown.

Call your preferred boutique in advance
Many, if not nearly all wedding gown boutiques will require an appointment to ensure you have the perfect experience, so be sure to call in early! Not only does this allow the boutique team to cater your appointment to you, but it also gives you plenty of time for the alterations once you find the dress you love!

Have an average price point in mind
It can be devastating for a bride to try on every dress they love and find out later their favorite is far too out of their price range. Have a budget in mind, inform the consultant you are working with, and you’ll avoid the disappointment of your dream dress not being an attainable option for your wedding day.

Keep your party small for try-on day
We love to host larger parties, but our team has found brides have a hard time choosing their dream gown when there are so many opinions, especially if multiple loved ones don’t agree. Keep your party small, enjoy the intimate time with one another, and share opinions with those you care about most.

Ask for advice from the boutique professionals
Bridal consultants are trained and skilled at finding the perfect dress for a variety of brides with different body shapes and budgets. Teams like those you find at La Reine are dedicated to helping you find the gown you have always wanted and will only enhance the wedding planning experience.