Popular Dress Necklines
Popular Dress Necklines

Popular Dress Necklines

Bridal shops around Bristol host brides-to-be and their loved ones while searching for their perfect wedding gown. Often times, brides will enter La Reine with styles they love, including their favorite necklines. If you’re still searching for your inspiration dress, here are a few popular dress necklines our brides love:

If you’re looking to highlight your collarbone and shoulders, off-the-shoulder is a great option. This neckline has been mixed with strap and sleeve options and also usually incorporates some other neckline, such as sweetheart or square.

This cleverly named neckline mimics the shape of the top half of a heart. Sweetheart necklines are very versatile and are combined with other neckline options. Sheer or lace fabrics might be used above the neckline to accentuate the detail.

One of the most classic and timeless neckline options out there is the scoop. This “U” shape is perfect for women of all sizes and can vary in depth. Short, long, and quarter sleeve dresses have all been created with this neckline and look beautiful.

Similar to the scoop neckline, v-necks dip in the front and can vary in their depth. This neckline is one which has been used in edgier designs and stand-out gowns that so many women love. Some designs also include a dip in the back, as well.

What many call the t-shirt neckline, this elegant option is often created out of sheer or lace fabrics and used with another neckline, such as sweetheart or scoop. Jewel is another timeless option that many brides seek out.

This neckline is also referred to as the portrait collar. From a distance, portrait looks similar to an off-the-shoulder style but uses more fabric. It frames the neckline and rests on the edge of the shoulder blades and can be used with straps or sleeves.

Still not sure? Our team would love to help! We want your big day to be magical, and that starts with a one-of-a-kind gown shopping experience. Make an appointment with our experts; we are ready to help you find the dress of your dreams.