4 Reasons You’ll Want an Eddy K Gown
4 Reasons You’ll Want an Eddy K Gown

4 Reasons You’ll Want an Eddy K Gown

Bristol brides search high and low for wedding dresses in the UK, especially for those looking for a sophisticated, distinctive look. La Reine Bridal carries a variety of designers, including Eddy K. If you have never seen an Eddy K gown before, our team can think of four huge reasons you’ll want one for your big day.

If you’re looking for elegance
Eddy K gowns are designed and created in Milan, the fashion capital of the world. With so much inspiration in just the city they are manufactured, every Eddy K gown exemplifies some form of elegance and class unlike any other.

If you want unique materials and designs
On top of being created in one of the most ideal cities in the world, every gown is designed with the influence of Italian elements and fabrics. Instead of the many French laces and fabrics used for gowns, Eddy K takes gowns to a different level.

If you want a gown that photographs beautifully from all angles
Not only are Eddy K gowns stunning from the front with every neckline and sleeve combination you can imagine, but he also pays impeccable attention to the back. The details embedded throughout these dresses is breathtaking.

If you’re searching for affordable gown options
With so many luxurious elements and design features, Eddy K gowns appear to be far pricier than they actually are. His collections often range from £1,500-£2,500, which gives many brides the chance to feel like a queen at a reasonable price.